Saturday, June 30, 2012

Choo Inspired Outfit

When I saw these on Katy Perry at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, I fell in love!
Gold & Pink CHOOs!?

Yes, please!

She paired her pink Jimmy Choo Beak Sandals  stilettos with a multicolored Atelier Versace mini.

I also saw them later on Stacy Keibler to her appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, wearing them with an all pink matching dress.

My sweet fiance went out of his way to make sure I had them. Since they are such a fun shoe, they are a little hard to pair with outfits without looking too cheesy. The sandals feature gold mirrored leather, molded fuchsia jersey strapping, multi-strap style, and a 110mm stiletto heel. I like that these don’t have a platform in the front. So many shoe styles now a days have a platform, and I think there is something so classic and sexy about a shoe without one.

I’ve worn them a few times, but the outfits never felt quite right. All of a sudden when getting dressed for dinner the other night, I just knew what to wear for once, and it was all inspired by these shoes!

I picked up the shoes, and said to my self, ok, my favorite black mini skirt from H&M, bright shirt? Oh, I had the perfect shirt, a purple flowy blouse that my girlfriend gave me for Christmas from Bloomingdale’s, and a Dolce & Gabbana black blazer with pink lining. The lining on the blazer is a gorgeous pink that matches the shoes! It’s my favorite blazer because when I roll up the sleeves on the blazer it gives it that perfect pop of pink! If I want it to be all black, I just roll the sleeves down. Such a great piece to have in your wardrobe. Special, but also very classic.  Since color is really in fashion right now, and black is never out, this outfit was the perfect sexy little dinner outfit with my fiance that showcased my favorite Jimmy Choos.

See, the Choos match the pink lining on the blazer!


Sunset Blonde

P.R. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick

I tried out a new lipstick today at my photo shoot. When I was at Target I grabbed these 2 shades of Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick. I love having moisture on my lips so I usually go for glosses, but I wanted to test these out, because lipsticks always look better at photo shoots.

Colors Nude Delight and Pink Chic

I got it in 2 colors, a nude and a pink. I ended up layering a gloss underneath the lipsticks. I used both colors, i applied a light layer of clear gloss on my lips, applied the pink shade until it was well mixed with the gloss on my lips, and then I applied a single coat of the nude shade on top to tone down some of the brightness of the pink.

I loved the results so I wanted to share this with you!

here is what I found about the lipstick on the Rimmel website
“Moisture Renew Lipstick SPF 18″
Moisturizing Lipstick
Smooth Lips, Good Color!
“This moisture-infused lip essential reduces lip dryness by up to 65% for smoother lips and better color. Developed with SPF 18 and a cutting edge Self Adapting Moisture Complex that features Hylaronic Acid, Collagen and Vitamins A, C and E to nourish lips, leaving them with a smoother surface for better color application and wear. 24 creamy, moisturizing shades come richly wrapped in an elegant metallic purple case.”


Sunset Blonde

Beauty Shopping

Here is where I mainly go to buy my beauty products:
Where I buy a lot of my drugstore brand products, fragrances, my curling irons, and salon products such as nail polish and hair products. I buy them here. Because they have a points program with membership for anyone, frequently offer coupons, discounts, and sales. I also like them because they have drugstore brands and prestige cosmetics in one location. They also sometimes will give you free samples if you know to ask for them upon checkout.

I don’t get a discount here, but I like some of the Sephora brand products, as well as some of the newer beauty products on the market. They will also take back any returns so if makeup breaks or isn’t the right color they accept your return easily.

12640 Riverside Drive, Valley Village, CA 91607
As a professional makeup artist I shop here for supplies for my makeup kit, and I get 20-40% off of the makeup brands that they carry. Anyone can go in this store, but you need proof that you are a makeup artist to get the discount. They also carry makeup forever products which I love, and I get 40% off of.

4400 Riverside Drive  Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 846-0579
 This is where I buy beauty products for my kit as well as my favorite concealers and I love their brand of cream foundation.

They have some of the best prices for the same things that you can get at the drugstores. I always stock up on the Banana Boat Summer Color Self-tanner in Deep Dark color at Walmart because it’s usually around only $6. I also buy my favorite mascara there the Loreal voluminous mascara.
A great place to find beauty products for a lot cheaper, such as some of the bronzes/self tanners that I like to use. Just make sure you check the ratings and who you are buying from.
A great way to buy beauty and drugstore brands that you are familiar with already. If you want to stock up, or avoid making a trip to the store for products you already love, this is a great way to online shop.

Has a few brands that the other beauty stores don’t, some of the higher end makeup lines like that I like including Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Kevyn Aucoin.
Where do you mainly shop for beauty products? Tell me what your favorites are, and where you buy them?


Sunset Blonde

Friday, June 29, 2012

My Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Palette- for BLONDES

This is an eyeshadow palette that I use all the time.

I just love all of these colors! Bobbi Brown makes it easy for you to design your own palette and they are always interchangeable and stay very clean. This is the 6 palette compact, they also make a 3 palette size.

For Blondes it’s amazing in that you have so many color combination options for a natural look. 

Below you can see the name & number of the colors.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Don’t forget to use your SUNSET BLONDE eyeshadow brushes with these shades when applying!
Buy them on SALE now at


Sunset Blonde

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oatmeal & Egg White Pancakes


To be honest with you guys, when I first heard about these pancakes I thought it sounded like the most disgusting thing ever. But despite this initial reaction, after hearing a fellow makeup artist telling me how she lost a ton of weight by including these healthy pancakes in her diet, I became curious? The healthiness of these pancakes sounded amazing! Only made of oatmeal and egg whites, no flour, no chemicals, the perfect pancake…? I LOVE pancakes and french toast, but don’t feel right eating them every morning because of the carbs. These are such a great alternative, and I feel great starting my day off with this.

Can I really have my pancakes and eat them too?

Soon after hearing about these, I googled recipes and tested them out, and omg, they are not gross at all, they are really good! I adjusted the recipe to make these amazing and super healthy pancakes super easy! They really taste like pancakes considering what they are made from, it’s a little bit of a different texture/density, but I actually prefer them over regular pancakes any day of the week.

One morning I made them for my fiance, (he was only my boyfriend at the time) and he totally loved them! Being really into fitness and working out twice a day, these are the perfect mix of heart healthy oats and protein in egg whites. He was in love.

He has become such a pro at making them because he likes to eat them so often. We both like to make a big batch, then storing the extra ones in a plastic bag in the refrigerator and just eat them cold straight from the fridge. You can eat them plain, with fresh fruit, like a crepe, or just like a traditional pancake with syrup!

So recently while he was cooking up a batch, I took some photographs to share with you guys. While he was cooking the pancakes I cooked up some turkey bacon, which is really low fat, and prepared some fresh berries.

 Turkey bacon!

It is really easy to make these pancakes and they are flour-less! So yummy.

If you are looking for a pancake recipe without any flour? Look no further! This heart healthy recipe is great tasting and great for you!

Turkey Bacon, fresh berries, 3 oatmeal egg white pancakes.
My fiance eats 3, I usually have only 1 or 2.

Here is the recipe that we use, it doesn’t have to be exact. If you want less carbs use a little less oatmeal:

2 Cartons of egg whites
4 packets of instant oatmeal (we use the brown sugar & cinnamon oatmeal which already has some sugar in it) you can use regular if you don’t want any sugar in them.
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 teaspoon of cinnamon
Mix all ingredients into a large bowl with a wisk, and blend together until well mixed. Let the oatmeal soak for about 5 minutes in the egg whites to soften up.* Coat the pan in a light layer of cooking spray. I use the olive oil spray from Trader Joe’s. This is so that the pancake doesn’t stick.  Using a 1/2 cup measuring cup pour enough to thinly cover the bottom of a medium pan. Cook until consistency is cooked enough that you can flip it over and cook the other side.

** Sometimes I will use a food processor to chop up the oatmeal, then add the egg whites. The food processor mixes the finely chopped oats and egg whites together nicely, makes it look more like batter. But my fiance and I like the texture so we just hand mix them usually.

Mix ingredients together with a whisk & measure out with a measuring cup.
The olive oil spray I use from Trader Joe’s to coat the pan before cooking each pancake.
After flipping the pancake over. . .
Store them in a ziplock bag.
They are great when reheated or even eaten cold!
Store them in a bag in the fridge for a breakfast on the go or snack!

Try these modifications:
Blueberry pancakes: Add 1/4 c blueberries (fresh or thawed) to recipe and omit cinnamon.
Oat-Nut pancakes: Add 1 1/2 tbsp diced pecans, walnuts, or almonds to recipe.



Sunset Blonde

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vanna K Ad Campaign with Sunset Blonde

Vanna K

A few months ago I did an Ad Campaign for Vanna K Jewelry. Here are a few on the images from the campaign. I did my own hair and makeup for this shoot, and kept it very natural and elegant. I loved trying on all the fabulous jewels and sparkly diamonds! OMG!

This is a Behind the Scenes shot from the photo shoot at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles.
Photos by Kenny Sweeny.

From the Vanna K Blog:

“Vanna K is the home of today’s most unique collection of micro-pave diamond engagement rings. Representing style, elegance and high-quality, their attention to detail on their one-of-a-kind designs make each piece a wearable work of art.
Inspired by femininity and art deco design, Vanna K’s exclusive designs are classic and truly represent timeless elegance. Vanna K is all about fulfilling a woman’s desire to feel beautiful, ethereal and loved. The finished designs combine the feeling of royalty, using large high-quality sparkling diamonds and the feeling of truly individual style, using the many intricate details of each design.
Here you see just one example of their vintage-inspired hand-crafted engagement rings. This ring, from their Solea Collection, features a gorgeous 6 carat emerald-cut center diamond. While that diamond could stand alone as a regal piece, a Vanna K design doesn’t stop there. The center is beautifully complemented with an additional 1.75 carats of round diamonds encircling it, and further topped off by .10 carat baguettes on each side. The finished look is brilliantly clean and resplendent, while offering additional details that make it unlike any other ring. This is true beauty at its finest. This is Vanna K.
Crown your love a queen today by giving her something as unique as her and as big as your love… give her a Vanna K.”

From the Vanna K Blog:

“Vanna K is proud to be the home of today’s most unique collection of diamond engagement rings. But they are also known for their amazing collection of fashionable fine jewelry.
Just as with their engagement rings, their fashion jewelry is unique in every single way. The beautiful gemstones they use are high-quality, and are often rare and extraordinary. Combine this with exclusive designs you’ll see nowhere else, you find the only jewelry you’ll ever want to wear.
The exquisite set of jewelry featured here is both timeless and breathtaking. The ring is a stunning, rare oval tourmaline with pear-shaped diamonds encompassing it. Complementing it is the majestic, Victorian-inspired necklace, also featuring a rare oval tourmaline, with the design laced in micro-pave diamonds. This set is so dazzling, it will make whatever you wear look simply stunning.
Find this set and other unique, fashionable fine jewelry (as well as gorgeous diamond engagement rings) today at Vanna K.”


Sunset Blonde