Friday, June 15, 2012

How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

Sunset Blonde Loves Lashes

8NOVSunset Blonde Lashes
These are my favorite faux lashes!
ARDEL INVISIBAND WISPIES LASHES IN BLACK They enhance that cat-eye look we all love. These ones are great for a night out, fancy dinner, or anytime you want to make your eyes gorgeous!
You can also purchase them in a shorter lash length called ARDEL INVISIBAND DEMI WISPIES LASHES IN BLACK.
I always apply lashes with a black glue DUO ADHESIVE BLACK TONE. It dries faster, automatically gives a glossy eye-liner look, and blends better with the lashes & mascara. You can also use EVE PEARL BLACK EYE LASH GLUE which dries with a matte finish.
Here are my secrets for applying lashes.These secrets and tips will make applying lashes easier and quicker.
1. First decide what length you would like your strip lashes to be :
Half-sie: Cut the strip in half and trim/taper  the inside of the actual lashes slightly to blend with my natural lashes. I use this technique for daytime, when I want a more natural look. See example of Half-sie lashes from MAC below:
You can also buy them already trimmed in a half strip 20 LASH from MAC. But it is much cheaper to do this yourself, and you also get 2 half strips from one set of lashes! Make sure each set looks even and are opposites (longer lashes toward the outside, shorter on the inside)
Full Lashes: Measure the strip by applying to your lashes without any glue, remove and trim strip to fit the length of your eyelid.
2. Apply glue sparingly to lash strip straight from the glue tube and let dry for a minute. You don’t want the glue completely dry, you want it half way dry which should look dark gray in color. Applying lashes when glue is half way dry allows the lash strip to stick right away to where you apply it. When the glue is still too wet, the lash strip can slide around and get glue everywhere.
3. Once the lashes are in place, apply mascara to your lashes and faux lashes to blend them.  Another secret is to then gently take a clean tweezer and pinch natural lashes to faux lashes at the base to allow for the closest placement to your natural lashes as possible. Make sure that you clean the tweezer off frequently, if glue/mascara sticks to the tweezers, it will just pull off your lashes.

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