Tuesday, June 26, 2012

P.R. Peach Lip Stain

Product Recommendation

Peach Glaze Lip Stain

by Laura Mercier

I like this lip color, because although it says it’s a stain. It’s really not a stain. It doesn’t stain your lips. But it’s not quite a lipstick either. It has the sheen of a lip gloss, but the coverage and look of a lipstick. It’s marketed as a “Hybrid of stain and gloss formula.” It comes in a clear glass pot so you have to use your finger or a lipstick brush. I used my Baby Bullet Brush from Sunset Blonde Beauty. It is and eyeshadow/lip brush. I have 2 of them, one that I use for eyeshadow, and the other I use to apply this lip color.

So either use a lip brush, or press the lip color into lips with fingertips. If using a Lip Brush, here is what I do: swirl the brush in the lip product to get it on the brush then gently press onto lips to achieve “stained” appearance, or swipe over lips for more coverage. You can apply this product very lightly, which is why I think they call it a stain, but if you apply it thicker with a lip brush, it’s more like a glossy lipstick. The peach shade is a nice nude color for me.  I love it!!


Sunset Blonde

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