Friday, June 15, 2012

Shop Till You Drop !

Bags and Boots!!!

I don't shop as often as people would probably assume I do, but when I do go shopping, I shop like an addict. But, I shop smart.

Here's one very fun day of shopping in particular.  I was in Houston visiting my family, and my sister and I casually went to the mall as I needed to buy my best friend Jennifer a birthday present.

The casual day ended up being a fabulous shopping extravaganza.  In under an hour I bought a Chanel bag, a YSL bag, and 2 pairs of rock star studded Valentino boots!  I know that sounds like a lot, but let me explain.

First stop, Chanel.  I thought about getting her some CC studs for her birthday, but as soon as I walked in, I fell in love with their newest collection of bags that were on display, I had to have one, or two (FML).  I narrowed it down to the deep red with light pink and vintage gold chain, and the black with light pink and vintage gold chain, I think each one was roughly around $4-5000.

I couldn't decide, so I bought both!  I ended up returning the red one about a week later in LA as I already have two other red Chanel bags that I hardly ever use, but I LOVE the black one and use it all the time.

My next stop was Saks, I just stopped in to buy some makeup I needed, but then I saw this gorgeous YSL bag in a beautiful nude/natural color.  I immediately fell in love, and my sister told me I deserved it, so I got it also! This bag was only $1900.

My sister and I were suddenly having so much fun shopping in our sweats!

 The problem at this point was, I STILL hadn't bought my girl Jenn a birthday present, which was the whole point of the trip to the mall!!  My sister suggested something from Valentino, a purse in particular.  As soon as we walked in, I did fall in love, but not with the purse, with THESE:

 I was obsessed with them, so I knew Jenn would be too because we have the exact same taste!!  I bought myself a pair, but the last pair left in Jenn's size was in the NYC store, so I bought them and had them shipped to me in LA (which ended up being perfect seeing how I had to lug all this stuff back to LA!).  The boots were $1800 each.

After the Valentino haul, I knew I had to get out of the mall before I did even more damage.

Overall, I loved my purchases, and Jenn loved her boots.  Some girls shop a lot, maybe not necessarily buying super expensive things, but buying a lot of things that they don't really need in their closet. You'd be surprised how much lots of little purchases add up to be.  A Forever 21 shirt may only be $20, but if you buy ten cheap $20 shirts a month, that's $200 a month.  Add it up for the year, $2400, you could of bought a great bag instead, a bag you could of used for years!

I'm a very smart shopper. I don't buy everything I want or see and like, I buy things I love, and I know I'll get use out of.  For example, I used the black Chanel bag thatnight:

And, Jenn rocked her boots soon after I gave them to her also:

So, there you go, a glimpse into a not so average day of my shopping life....Shop smart!

Lilly Ghalichi

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