Saturday, June 16, 2012

Organizing your Jewelry

Organize Your Jewelery Like Mine!


Hi girls!

There are so many storage solutions for your jewelery, and I have tried so many of them! But I always felt that even though they were organized, they were always spread out between small boxes, hanging on necklace racks, in drawers and it was hard to see what I really had. And when I can’t see it, I forget about it.  So I started looking for another solution, to put all my jewelery in one place, where it is easy to view all at one time, but is also sort of discrete. I came across the perfect solution!!
Although a little pricey for a storage solution, I’m so happy with the results. It makes it easy for me to see everything that I have all at once.
When I open the door it’s like I’m in a jewelry store! I can see everything easily so no more searching for what jewelry to wear. I have a lot of jewelry that I forgot I had since I couldn’t find it before.
It stores my jewelry safely and efficiently, and is in the perfect location for when I’m getting dressed. I have a walk in closet, and I installed mirrors in the hallway right outside of my closet door, so after I put an outfit on in the closet, I can come out, see how it looks in the mirrors. My new Jewelery organizer only adds to the convenience of this because on the outside of it is a long mirror, and it opens up like a cabinet to store all my Jewelery!!
Here is what it looks like closed (it’s the white one) I hung it higher than the 2 black mirrors so that the inside mirror is eye level:
This is how it looks hanging outside of my closet door. The one across the hall from it is the walk-in closet. The door straight-on is my bedroom door, I just closed it so it is easier to view this space.
This amazing invention is called “Framed Wall or Door Jewelry Armoire Mirror”  by Mirrotek. I bought the one that hangs over the door, which is where I thought I wanted to put it, but I ended up installing it all by myself using a drill on the wall. So the over the door one, comes with the option to hang over the door, or install on the wall, and installation was really easy. Now if I move, at least I have the attachments that hang over the door if I need them.
Here is what the inside looks like: There are different sections, one for earrings, rings, short necklaces, long necklaces, medium necklaces, and little bins for bangles, cuffs, studs, hoops, or whatever else you might want to fit in there. I got mine in white, because I wanted it to blend in with my white walls, but it comes in
It has a nice sized mirror inside, so that when you open it, pick something out, and put it on, you can see how it looks on you. So make sure that you hang that mirror at your eye level depending on your height.
Here are some close ups of different ways I placed different items:
The medium length necklaces:
The long length necklaces. I stacked more than one on some of the hooks.the hooks can hold quite a few, which gives more storage space:
The bins containing cuffs, hoops, large rings, and other bracelets:
The short necklace section. I also hung a key chain & some long feather earrings on one of the hooks:
The ring section, with also found useful to store some hoops in the larger (double) slots
The earring section which I tried to organize by style also:
There are a few places where you can order it from. I ordered mine off of when they had a special for only $100. I think it is more expensive everywhere else, but isn’t available on anymore.
It also arrived all put together in a huge box, so I didn’t have to build it, which is great!
I’ve found it for you on several different websites. I would recommend checking the price, return policy and shipping rates for each and compare. Also, it comes in like 5 different colors (white, black, light oak, cherry, zebra, leopard) so check around to find the color you want. Here are the links, you can also type “Framed Wall or Door Jewelry Armoire Mirror” and make sure it’s the Mirrotek Brand so you know you are getting the same one.

It is pretty well made, just BE GENTLE when putting the rings in, because I forced one and broke a little of the foam off. I thought it was more durable, but like everything, you just need to be gentle and take care of it. I was just really excited to put my sparkelies in it!!
I wish there was a lock on it for security but the door does close nicely. It arrived on time and in perfect condition.

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