Friday, June 15, 2012

How to Organize your T-Shirt Drawer

Sunset Blonde’s Organized T-shirt Drawer


Organize your T-Shirts like Sunset Blonde!

It’s easy, you just need to know how!
Ok, so I’m sort of addicted to these v neck t-shirts, I love them in every color! They were taking up a lot of space in my closet so I decided to move them to a drawer in my dresser. But I didn’t want to put them in there the normal way that I usually do, by folding and stacking one on top of another. This usually ends up in a big mess in side the drawer after doing laundry and trying to find the color I’m looking for, so I searched for a solution.
I did so much internet research, to find a way of folding, and placing them in the drawer that was better than what I learned growing up. (This is a technique I will teach my kids too someday!) But for now, I’m teaching you! I really hope this helps you and inspires you like it has done for me!
This can be done with many different kinds of t-shirts, but I’m going to show you how to just do it with a basic v-neck t-shirt. Also, my dresser is from Z Gallerie and has very shallow drawers, which ends up working out great because I don’t feel like I’m wasting a bunch of space by not stacking shirts on top of shirts. It allows me to only have 1 row of t-shirts in 2 columns:
You could also place them in the drawer like this:
The BEST part of this technique, believe it or not, if you do it correctly, your t-shirts will stand upright without having to lean against anything. So as you take them out to wear them, and the drawer gets emptier, they don’t fall over and get all unfolded or messy!
Can you see how the pink t-shirt stands up all by itself? And between the yellow and orange t-shirts there is a space where I removed a shirt. No falling over, how cool is that?!? I was so impressed when I actually tried it myself! It is really simple to fold your t-shirts in this special way, and doesn’t take any longer than folding them your “old way.”
I organized mine by color and style, I put all the similar colors together. As you can see, it’s not SUPER perfect. I’m not a perfectionist, or crazy organized. I just find that  when I try to be organized, it is easier for me to put things away, and stay organized. If each thing has a place to go, then you are more likely to but it back there rather than leaving it laying around, right?
Now, my t-shirt drawer is super organized and pretty!
I love opening my drawers and feeling like I’m in a store! You know like when you go to Victoria’s Secret and all the Bra’s are in the drawers below, and you open it up to a colorful array of Bras in your size? Love that.
You can also easily see what you have in your drawer. All the t-shirts stacked side by side, visible all at one time. I find it so helpful in grabbing the exact one I want without having to dig through my drawer and mess up all the ones on top just to find the one on the bottom. I also tend to wear all of them more, since I can actually see what I own. This also enables me to know which ones to give away because I easily realize which ones I don’t wear.
Now, here is how to fold your t-shirts:
1. Lay shirt out on a flat surface front of shirt facing down and smooth out any wrinkles.

2. Fold shirt in half, aligning sleeves.
3. Fold sleeves in.
4. Start folding shirt into fourths, starting with the top of the shirt
5. Fold over again in the same direction. Continue to smooth out wrinkles as you go.
6. If it looks like there is going to be extra length sticking out, you can fold it up at the bottom. Otherwise continue folding over in the same direction.
7. This is what it looks like all folded up!
8. This is what it looks like if you stand it upright. It will stay up all by itself if you do it correctly.
View from above when standing upright, this is what it looks like when placed in a drawer:
Tell me how this works out for you? Are you able to fold them like I did? Any other ideas that you came up with?

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