Friday, June 15, 2012

Great Places to Shop Online !!!

Where to Online Shop

Calling all Online Shopaholics!
I have my favorite online stores that I like to check in with often, since some of them update with new products daily. Some of these websites are only good for certain things like shoes or a certain type of item.  Some expensive, some cheap, you just have to know your sizes and be willing to risk having to return something once in a while. Don’t worry, most of these sites are super user friendly for returns. It sure beats heading to the mall by yourself. So here I will list what I usually buy at these online stores, I’m sure they have other great things too. for pre-loved designer items. I love searching this site for jewelery or scarves.
Yoogi’s Closet for pre-loved designer for cheap shoes, I’ve bought many heels and boots from here. Just really look at the quality and now they have comments on some items that people have bought, which helps a little. for cheap shoes. This is similar to gojane, I’ve bought a bunch of shoes from here too. Just love cute cheap shoes! instead of rummaging through the store, everything is easy to view online, and I really like that! for the perfect Jean Shirts light & dark &  the perfect jean jackets. Just bought the 2 denim shirts and jacket from here. deals on all kinds of stuff. Easy to sign up for the membership. This is where I ordered my jewelery organizer from. An online boutique that I shoot for, but also shop while I’m shooting. They have some of the best fashion! Especially for really nice dresses! where to buy the sexiest bikinis. for cute bikinis from B Swim. good for designer discounts, purses, shoes, accessories & clothes. I’ve purchased a few dressy tops from here, and a jacket.
If you girls have some other places that you love to shop online at, let me know! Tell me the link, what you buy there, and your experiences with the site!? I will add them to this list and give you credit!
Thanks for reading!

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