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How to Stay Skinny... Personal Secrets

Skinny Secrets!!

I received a ton of requests for me to blog on how I stay so skinny.  I know what I’m about to say is going to make every girl despise me, but the real reason I’m so skinny is honestly due to my genetics.  Everyone in my family is ultra-thin.  I have the smallest bones on Earth, my wrists literally look like that of a 6 year old’s, so as a result, I will naturally always look super, duper tiny.  

This will give you an idea of just how little I am. I'm almost 5'6, and I weigh a little over 98lbs.  Although that may sound "gross" or "unhealthy", but I assure you, I do not have an eating disorder, this is honestly how God made me:

My boyfriend bet I wouldn't fit in this thing, I did!!!
We’re all blessed with something amazing- great hair, beautiful eyes, long legs- for me, it’s being skinny! I HATED it when I was younger.  Kids would make fun of me and call me Olive Oil, and in high-school I had to wear sweat pants under my jeans (sometimes 2 pairs!) because even the size 0 was WAY too big.  I cried all the time and even saw doctors to try and gain weight. 

Now that I'm an adult and have finally filled out a bit, I love it :)

Jennifer Stano, Ryan Scheckler and Lilly Ghalichi
With that said, I do have to give effort if I want to keep my body looking skinny-tight rather than skinny-fat (and, yes "skinny fat" exists, skinny girls get cellulite too!). I’d love to share my skinny secrets with you guys.

Diet.  As far as dieting goes.  That entire term is really a foreign concept to me.  I eat whatever I want, and I am a sugar queen- desserts are my weakness.   

However, diet is the NUMBER ONE factor for me on how my body will look.  If I eat poorly, it shows.  Although I’m still skinny, I get a little gut, and my butt/thighs look soft and gross also.  When I eat clean, it really shows as well- definition in my abs and all.

Here are a few live-by diet guidelines I follow when I want to look my best:

1. No Sugar (unless it's natural sugar such as in a piece of fruit)
2. No Carbs with Dinner, and
3. No Food at all after 8pm

These 3 simple rules will turn my body from flab to fab in about a week.  No exercise required.  They say that diet is 75% of how your body will look, from experience, I absolutely agree.

Here's a photo from a trip I took to Amanpulo in the Philippines behind our villa.  No photoshoop (you can even see my stretch marks in the side of my red butt!!), and it was taken by one of my bf's Jennifer Narbut goofing around with a regular camera.  I followed these rules for maybe a week before this photo, and my body went from gross to glam (especially my little butt!).

Although I don’t “diet”, I do have a few very healthy habits naturally, they definitely contribute to why I’m so thin.  

1. NO AlcoholDESPISE alcohol.  You cannot pay me to have a drink.  It tastes disgusting, and the way it makes people act is even more repulsive to me.  I know that alcohol is full of empty calories, so by not drinking, I’m likely sparing myself of tons of unnecessary pounds (and morning regrets!).

2. No Soda. Also, I don’t drink soda.  Carbonation burns my nose and esophagus.  I have always hated soda, or any carbonated drink, even as a kid.  Sodas are full of sugar and liquid calories, so again, another step I naturally do that I’m sure helps contribute to my skinniness. 

3. Small Meals. Although I eat junk, I don't eat a lot of junk at once! I have a little stomach, so I get full really fast.  For example, if I get a burger, I can usually only finish half, then I'm full.  An hour or two later, I'm hungry again and I'll eat the rest.  They say that small meals throughout the day are the best to keep your metabolism running, so without even trying I'm again doing something to help stay thin.

Workout. I LOVE to workout.  Cardio is a huge stress reliever for me, and sweating makes me feel alive.  When I was in law-school I had the BEST body.  I used to run about 3 miles, 4 times a week because I was so stressed out.  Too bad I was too busy with school to show off my beautiful body!

These days, I have a few health concerns that prohibit me from running, and I don’t have a lot of time to squeeze in exercise anyway.  My partner Jennifer Stano and I run a swimsuit company together, Have Faith – Swimgerie, and summer is our busiest season.  When I do find the time to squeeze in a workout, I love to Spin, and I have recently become obsessed with Pilates.

For anyone that hasn’t tried spinning, it is the most incredible cardio workout.  You can easily shed 1000 calories in 1 hour if you give the class your all (in fact where I spin (Cycle House in West Hollywood) they offer a class called “The 1000 Calorie Ride”, no one leaves until the calorie counter hits 1000!). When I walk out of a spin class, I’m completely drenched in sweat. The only downfall to spinning is that I actually get too skinnyif I go too much! Although skinny is sexy, women need curves too.

Pilates is the second type of workout I do when I have the time.  It’s low impact, and it creates long, lean muscles rather than bulking you up.  Pilates is definitely a great way to be skinny, yet still have a perky butt, and definition in your legs and torso. My class is always filled with models, so clearly it's working for a lot of girls!

The definition in my legs is most definitely from the spin + pilates combo:

I hope this helps you guys, and I’m sorry I didn’t have some magic potion to share on how I stay so skinny!!  
Lilly Ghalichi

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