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Babes in Bentleys!!!

Babes in Bentleys!!

In yesterday's post, I used a photo from Regard Magazine that showed my girlfriend Jenn by her White Bentley and me by a Silver Bentley (although it also appears to be white in the photo).  I had a few people ask if it were mine or was just used for the photo, so I decided to write today's post Bentley!

Jennifer Stano and Lilly Ghalichi
When I was younger, I always dreamed of having a Bentley.  Now, I've had two :) Well, one didn't really count, I'll explain...

Taking the bar was the HARDEST experience of my life, I was so stressed and miserable throughout the entire process.  After you take the bar, there's a grueling waiting period until the day where they publicly post the names of everyone that passed.  So, you basically find out whether you passed or failed the most important exam of your life at the same second the general public finds out.

Even though I knew I had killed the exam, I was SO NERVOUS the day the results were being posted. I had recently become engaged and moved in with my fiance (we didn't end up getting married, but that's a whole other blog post). I made him and everyone else leave the house so I could look up the results alone (I was so nervous!).  He is also an attorney, so he understood how I was feeling.

Well, I passed. He came rushing in the house when he got my call (he was waiting outside the whole time, I had no idea lol) and he immediately took me to the garage.  There waiting for me was a beautiful, black Bentley!!!! I was SO FUCKING EXCITED!! I couldn't believe he was able to sneak it in earlier that day while I was home, and I couldn't believe he had done this for me (he is not a fan of Bentleys).  And, what if I would of failed?!?! Lol.

I drove it that night, and I drove it the next morning.  I was loving it! Then, I went to visit my parents for the night and I decided not to take it but to take my Escalade instead (it's a far drive). Well, I never saw the Bentley again.  A friend of his borrowed it that night while I was gone and wrecked it.  Great.

I was so upset! But, don't feel too bad for me, I got a really dope ass Maserati Gran Turismo the following week lol.

This was not actually MY Maserati, but I had the exact one.
Ok, back to Bentleys.  So, I have always wanted one, and my brief two day period of having one didn't really count, so this past December, I got one :)

Lilly Ghalichi's Bentley
It's a beautiful light silver, and is completely knighted out like a gangster. The grills are custom black, all my Bentley symbols are custom black, my windows are tinted to black, the ENTIRE interior is custom blacked out, and even my rear lights are blacked out. It looks cool as shit, but I get tickets ALL the time FML.

I also threw on some bad-ass rims, just to give it that extra gangster touch.

Lilly Ghalichi's Bentley
This picture give you a better idea of just how black my tint is (I didn't have a black grill on the front here, it's MUCH better with the black grill!).

Lilly Ghalichi's Bentley
The only problem is my rims aren't Bentley Rims, and they're too big for the car, so my sensor system doesn't work :(.  There is always an orange error light that appears in my dashboard telling my my tire system is not functioning.  It's super annoying, but my rims are so gangster, it's worth it!

My girlfriend Jenn has a beautiful white convertible Bentley. Even though we both have the same car, each one matches our personalities.  Hers is white and girly, just like her, and features a pink hello kitty hanging from her mirror!  Mine is dark and gangster, just like me lol!

Mine and Jenn's main office for Have Faith Swimgerie is housed out of Jenn's beautiful home (she has PLENTY of extra space lol), so this is a photo from just a regular day at our office :).  The red Ferarri belongs to her husband.
Jennifer Stano's Bentley, Alki David's Ferarri, and Lilly Ghalichi's Bentley
So, to answer your questions, yes that is my Bentley in the photo :)

Lilly Ghalichi

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