Friday, June 15, 2012

Rock A Wig... Why Not ??

Wig'n Out!

I've always been obsessed with everything girly and fun.  Heels can't get high enough, mascara can't get black enough, and closets can't get full enough!  So, it's no surprise that I've recently become obsessed with Wigs.  Yes, Wigs!

I've worn clip in extensions for years, but my obsession with hair has gone even further to wigs.  They're so fun, easy, and much like today's dating World, no commitment needed!!!I rocked a short bob today, and after tweeting it, I got a few questions and a lot of confusion, so I decided to blog about it.
 Here's a closer look:

My girlfriend Jenn and I recently took out our extensions.  Extensions took quite a toll on our natural hair, we were left with hair that looked thin and lackluster. We decided to take a little visit to "The Hair Store" on Wilshire to get some temporary clip ins while our hair rejuvenated.

When we got to the store, we started trying on wigs for fun, and of course, I ended up leaving with a few!  I got a short red one for around $250, and a brown bob for around $270.  At first I thought I would NEVER wear them, but now I'm rocking them all the time and having so much fun with them!

 My getting ready time has been cut in half (do you know how long it takes to blow dry and curl my hair?!?!), and my outfits are suddenly more exciting now that I can match my hair color to my purse!

Of course, my friends know I'm wearing a wig, but as for everyone else, they'd never know.  Even if they do know, it doesn't bother me!  I gladly confess that I'm wearing a wig whenever someone compliments my hair.  I'm not really this tall without my heels on, my skin doesn't look this flawless without makeup on, so what's the shame in having a little fun with my hair too? I'm confident and comfortable enough to have fun with my hair.  

Here are some recent photos where I'm rocking the same black bob I wore today:

Maybe the look isn't as seductive or sexy as long hair is, but it's nice to switch things up.  Your whole persona changes, it's almost like taking on a whole new identity for the day.

Short hair, don't care!!

If you don't live in LA, any wig store will have a great selection of wigs, and not all wigs are as pricey as the ones I purchased.  You can get a similar wig for as low as $24.99.  There are a lot of great online wig stores as well, but I highly recommend going to a store as trying them on was half the fun.  That way, you can see what colors and cuts suit you best.

Next time, I'll post a glimpse into the red one!!

Lilly Ghalichi

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