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Hair Extensions and Blonde Hair

Hair Extensions & BLONDE hair

Blonder is not always better
Would you rather have super short and damaged blonde hair,  or your natural hair color with that gorgeous length? I’ve decided to go with length.
As a model & Makeup Artist, I have seen it all when it comes to Blonde hair. Not very many girls’ hair can handle the long term damage and commitment that dying your hair blonde takes.
I know this because I have dyed my own hair a much blonder all over color than my natural shade for almost 5 years now. I started dying it really blonde after I did a magazine spread with Angus Mitchell for Modern Salon Magazine. I was on the cover and had a 7 page spread in the issue, which was my first magazine cover. I’m glad now that I did it, but I will never do it again!
Here is Angus, cutting my hair:
As honored as They cut my hair in this crazy uneven short style with bangs. Honestly, it was the worst haircut I’ve had in my whole life. I understand that it was for the “art” of the spread, but realistically, it was NOT a hair cut that I could work with on a normal day. I cried. I cried over my hair. I didn’t know what to do. Yes, it grows back, but man it takes way too long.
So back to talking about dying my hair blonde….
As part of the look for the shoot, they dyed my hair bleach blonde, added dark brown underneath, with subtle pink and yellow streaks. After the photoshoot, they allowed me to come into the salon, and dye my hair back a normal color, the bleach blonde. They removed the colored streaks and dyed the brown hair underneath uber blonde.
I started to like the really blonde look on myself. Naturally, I have dark Blonde hair with strawberry undertones. Even though the color grew on me, the length and lack of fullness that I was used to was gone.
This was my first look into hair extensions.
In the beginning, I had no idea that you could clip hair extensions in until I moved to Los Angeles. Originally being from Chicago, us midwest girls rarely wear hair extensions! Now, living in LA, and after all of the dying and damage from photo shoots that gets done to my hair, it has never been the same. It seems like it never grows, and just breaks before I need a haircut! Anyone else know what I’m talking about?
Since I didn’t want to fully commit to the semi-permanent extensions at first, I looked into getting ones that you could just clip in and out. I only wore them for photoshoots or special occasions. Thinking that once my hair grew out, I wouldn’t need them anymore, but I have been wearing them ever since. Like I mentioned before, having my hair that blonde, it would break off at about my shoulders, and never seemed to be any longer.
Here’s one of my SECRETS, SHHHHHHH! Don’t Tell!! ;)
I have 2 sets of extensions, ones I wear when my hair is straight, and ones that I wear when my hair is curly. This not only prolongs the life of your clip-ins, it also makes getting ready in the morning so much quicker! Since I don’t have to restyle (recurl or straighten) the extensions as often. They are also cut and layered differently so that they look more natural for the style.
Now, after realizing that my hair was never going to be strong enough to grow the length I wanted it to if i kept dying it, I’ve jumped on the “Ombre/ Baliage” trend, and taken full advantage of this look. If you don’t know what that is you can see examples of it here:
Ombre Trend:
I have been just highlighting every 4 months, and letting my natural hair color shine through as much as possible! My ends are much lighter, and my roots are darker, hence the “ombre” look. But the highlighting allows for a more blended look, it’s not so drastic, it fades nicely.
This is a current photo of me with my natural color growing in:
And Here is an old photo of me with really blonde hair to see before & after
But as soon as all of the overall dyed hair grows out, it will be back to auNatural! Girls, I have to tell you, my natural hair is softer, and fuller than it’s been in 5 years. It’s like I had forgotten what it was like to have normal hair. My hair was always so dry and fragile, feeling like straw, ugh, so bad. Now, my hair is healthier and I’ve been getting so many compliments on it. I am totally embracing this, and learning to love my real hair color again. I think you should too. You probably wont like it when I say this, but if your hair is super short, and doesn’t seem to grow because you dye it blonde, stop! Don’t keep frying your hair off. Long natural hair is sooooo much better than fried short blonde hair where we can all tell you have hair extensions in!
Ok, so for those of you that can’t do it, I get it. I get it! So, Here is what I’m going to do for you! I’m going to come out with my own line of Clip-In Hair extensions for you.
Why? Well, because I have become what you might call an EXPERT in the Clip-in hair extension department. ;) I’m great at not only placing them in such a way that they look completely natural, so no one Ever knows that I am wearing them, but I’m also great at blending them to look like your real hair.
Yes, I’m really going to do this. So Subscribe/follow my blog so you will be notified right away when they are available!

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