Friday, June 15, 2012

Ways to Detox - Pressed Juciery

Everyone is always asking me how I stay thin or fit and there are a few secrets that I have!

I want to share with you 3 different liquid ways that I use to maintain my body :)

1. Detox Tea
2. Pressed Juciery
3. Gorilla Life

Here I will share with you about pressed juicery!

At PRESSED JUICERY, they have created a comprehensive cleansing program designed to work with your everyday life. If you order it, you will receive a daily supply of eight, 16 fl. oz. beverages straight to your doorstep each morning. Our juices are produced on a hydraulic press which extracts straight from the pulp, minimizing the changes that juices undergo during typical juicing processes, and releasing essential vitamins and minerals into each beverage.

You can choose from 3 or 5 day cleanses or you can buy individual juices. I have done the 3 day cleanse twice and then I buy individual juices ALL the time!

Tons of celebrities can be seen carrying these juices...

If you aren't cleansing and just want a yummy juice, try the blueberry coconut pear.

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